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Finding a Loving Motherland

In 2017, being involved again with Collaboraction, I was cast in a devised work with an incredible artist and Syrian Refugee: Sami Ismat. We devised a work that dealt with identity and what is actually happening in Syria. As a Syrian Refugee, what does it mean to be relocated in America and what does this mean in terms of culture and identity? What about leaving a war zone only to face violence in one of the most high crime rated cities: Chicago? I am a white identifying American, telling this story through the lens of a Syrian Refugee educated and humbled me while also learning to honor their stories and hardships. This was a particularly interesting perspective for me because my grandparents are Holocaust Survivors from Poland. I was able to identify as the descendent of refugees of war. This show was part of the second Peacebook Festival and premiered at the Goodman Theater through Collaboraction Theater Company.

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