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Bag and Tag

In 2016, I developed a more specific work titled Bag and Tag. Bag and Tag was a piece actually inspired from an interview that was collected during Seeking Human Kindness. A man named Shadow, who was homeless by choice, living on the Hollywood Strip brought to my attention something called a Bag and Tag. This is a place where the homeless can go and leave their belongings, with receipt, and come back and pick up their stuff after a doctors appointment, interview, or school without the fear of losing their most important belongings. I took this idea back to Chicago where I focused more specifically on the experience of Homeless Youth after being involved with My Friend’s Place in Los Angeles. I found an organization in Chicago titled the Chicago Youth Storage Initiative whose mission was to implement locker systems around the city for the 20,000 homeless youth that sleep on the streets in Chicago every night. Before 2013 there were no laws protecting the belongings of the homeless on the streets of Chicago. If there was a street cleaning, everything would be thrown away. During this process I discovered most displaced youth do not consider themselves homeless. But losing prescription medication, identification, important paperwork, or a sentimental family heirloom was an extreme fear. I began by interviewing homeless youth around Chicago as well as talking to shelters and resource centers. This piece was about homeless youth and their most important belongings in support of a Bag and Tag or locker system. I finished this piece when I was 19 years old and it toured with Collaboraction’s first ever Peacebook Festival around the Chicago Park Districts. Five Teens come together to showcase their most important belongings.

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