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Seeking Human Kindness

In 2015 I was the head devisor of a piece titled Seeking Human Kindness. This was a large installation piece that was part of the CalArts New Works Festival. I began by compiling interviews on the streets of Los Angeles with people that identified as displaced or homeless. I wanted to confront the moment of passing someone on the street and tensing up, not knowing how to interact. I curated eleven actors, dancers and movers to create a “gallery of stories” around the building of CalArts. Each moving body was personally developed into a devised work dealing with addiction, mental illness, quantitative facts, the significance of objects in terms of home etc. Each performer was placed in a different spot to represent the transients of the people in a city as the audience moves around and the stasis of the homeless whereas the performers stayed in one spot. People had to stop and listen to interact with these bodies. We used the audio of the interviews to let the homeless speak their own truth, to re-humanize their experience. We started a clothing drive and partnered with My Friend’s Place, a homeless youth resource center in Los Angeles, in which I personally delivered massive amounts of clothing from people around campus.

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