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Another current work I am in process of is a piece about women traveling on the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) and feeling safe on buses and trains around the city. My collaborator and I want to come together and create a space where women can support and communicate with one another through their individualized process of healing. We are starting a movement. We are in process of getting research grants through Northwestern University to start a blog that will allow people at different stops to talk and document stories through a mobile app or survey. This is a space where victims of sexual assault can come together and communicate so they can support each other. We are proposing a performance piece in collaboration with this movement to be toured around the Chicago Park Districts with the third annual Peacebook Festival. We want to bring an artist’s compassionate perspective to the resources already available. Offering counseling that is not just a number on a hotline, offering a tangible place to go and read testimonies. It will offer a tangible place to organize meetings and create a social movement. We are talking to psychologists that specialize in trauma, my collaborator is collecting in person interviews on all sides of the city, she is majoring in Gender Studies at Northwestern. We are determined to partner with organizations protecting the female experience and empowering women to take up space instead of receding in places they feel they have no agency.