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Looking more closely at what it means to be a refugee, I began to look at my own family history. I worked with Roger Guenveur Smith during a Historical Figures Workshop to create a short piece using my grandfather’s Holocaust testimony and re-performing the testimony in a third generational perspective. How can I feel so close and so far away from my family’s traumatic history? Where does their story intersect with my current identity? I realized that this is where my fascination with the meaning of home stems from. This is seen through my work with the homeless, through my compassion and interest in the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and what generational story telling really means. I created this work into a short film and submitted it to The Chicago Jewish Film Festival. It is still pending the result of this festival, but has been accepted into the semi-finals. I am currently in process of flushing out this piece into a longer one women show using shadow, projection, movement, live video and performance to explore each specific generation of storytelling. I am studying the Jewish Ritual of mourning, funerals and visiting grave sites. I want to explore how objects hold memory. I have the audio of my grandfather’s testimony, audio of the entire funeral recorded from the phone in my pocket, my father’s eulogy, dialogue of my father and grandfather talking when my dad was eight years old, video footage of my grandfather playing games with me at two years old and finally my own eulogy that I never spoke at the funeral. This piece will take years ofdevelopment but is one of my current works.