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Performing History

On August 3rd and 4th I performed in Roger Guenveur Smith's Performing History show that went up at the Bootleg Theater. This was comprised of original works based on prominent figures in history. I did this piece as my grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, retelling the testimony that was actually given to the Shoah Foundation in 1996.This was the third installment of the piece that I had originally devised in Roger's Historical Figures Workshop. This was then turned into a short film submitted to the Chicago Jewish Film Festival where it received a reward as a semi-finalist.

This piece was very personal and challenging. When you are so close to the material it almost becomes surreal to let the story live out loud. It is in my bones and encrypted in my DNA. The ghost of my grandfather seemed to live in me that night. Each performance captures this resilient, beautiful, and tarnished old soul.

Thank you for the opportunity and some of my greatest work.