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Tato- First Roots to Chicago

This is a one woman show produced as part of Collaboraction's Encounter Festival that pays tribute to my grandfather, Tato, that came to Chicago after surviving the holocaust. What does it mean to seek refuge? What role did Chicago play in my grandfather's new beginning?

Using my grandfather's actual scripted video testimony, this multimedia performance was my grandfather's holocaust testimony as told by a third generational story teller. I used pieces of my father's eulogy at my grandfather's funeral, home videos, sacred objects, and first person monologue to showcase the three generations of impact.

My grandfather relocated to Rogers Park, my father grew up in Rogers Park, and I still live in Rogers Park.

I wrestled with the themes of being so close and so far away from my own history. This piece looked at how objects hold memory and how we are the culmination of every moment of every person that has ever come before us.

Our history is in our DNA.